Elim Park Annual Reports

Annual Reports for a nonprofit Life Plan Community

Elim Park is one of those distinctive organizations with a rich history, an exemplary present, and plans for a continuously impressive future. As one of the country’s finest continuing care retirement communities, they are as concerned about being a blessing to the town of Cheshire as they are to their residents.
For the cover of the 2013 annual report, a resident was asked to pose imagining herself surrounded by her favorite butterflies. 3D models of the butterflies were created, rendered, and composited into the image.
Each spread of the annual report is designed to exhibit and affirm the multilayered, broad scope of Elim Park. The text enhances the stories already conveyed by the flow and movement of the layout.
The opening spread of each report reinforces the cover concept, highlights a letter from the President, and further describes the theme of the report.
Starting with a rendering of a scene using the Elim Park "tree" as the centerpiece for the 2014 annual report, various images were composited with the rendering to illustrate the benefits of life at the community. 
The cover scene was rendered from a different viewpoint as a segue from the cover to the interior pages
Starting with a simple rendering of a flat, cherry-wood surface, the cover was designed to appear as a piece of art carved by a woodworker.
The wood background from the cover becomes the top of the President's desk, his letter is an email on his iPad, and the report theme is handwritten on a daily planner.
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