e-lectroloc Security Products

Promotional material for an intelligent security system created to meet the needs of the utility industry.

I had been recruited to create a new logo and template for all of Highfield's data sheets and communications. When I was later asked to design promotional folders for their e-lectroloc line of products it became clear that 3D modeling would be an ideal alternative to photography. The products are small and the slightest imperfection is magnified when enlarging any image. It also allowed for greater control over the imagery since I could render a model at any angle or lighting so the layout was not dictated by any photography supplied by the client.
Delighted with the brochures, the client commissioned me to create a trade show display for e-lectroloc. The decision to use 3D modeling for the product turned out to have greater benefits as the images could now be rendered quite large and maintain the sharp, clean look of the imagery on the brochures. The images below compare photos of the actual product with their 3D complement.

3D modeling proved another time and money saver when the client made design changes to the product. Elogating the green light, originally a small circle, and embossing the logo were edits that could be made without having to shoot new photography.
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